Reading Group – Book List

Books we’ve read so far at the Reading Group:

(most recent first)

Remember the Sabbath Day (Is the Lord’s Day still relevant in the twenty first century?) : Day one Publications (Review)

Resilient Disciples : Rick Hill (Review)

Rich Wounds : David Mathis (Review)

God’s Word for Today’s World : John R. W. Stott (Review)

Rediscover Church (Why the Body of Christ is Essential) : Collin Hansen and Jonathan Leeman (Review)

Show me your Glory (Ch 1-10) : Steven J Lawson (Review)

Compel Them To Come In : Donald Macleod (Review)

Faithful Leaders (and the things that matter most) : Rico Tice (Review)

Brave by Faith : Alistair Begg (Review)

Rejoice and Tremble: The Surprising Good News of the Fear of the Lord : Michael Reeves (Review)

Devoted to the Church – Core Values for Christian Fellowship : Sinclair B. Ferguson (Review)

TRUTH WE CAN TOUCH (How Baptism and Communion Shape Our Lives) : Tim Chester (Review)

The Cross In Four Words : Kevin DeYoung, Richard Coekin, Yannick Christos-Wahab (Review)

Confronting Christianity : Rebecca McLaughlin (Review)

Dane Ortlund : Gentle and Lowly

Unlimited Grace : Bryan Chapell (Review)

Remember Death : Matthew McCullough (Review)

Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lament: Mark Vroegop

Christian’s Pocket Guide to How God Preserved the Bible : Richard Brash

Destiny : Learning to Live by Preparing to Die : David Gibson

Love Thy Body [Hard questions about life and sexuality] : Nancy R. Pearcey

A time for confidence : Stephen J. Nichols

In the year of our Lord : Sinclair B Ferguson

Can We Trust The Gospels : Peter J. Williams

The 10 Commandments : Kevin De Young

Growing in Holiness : J.V Fesko

Transgender : Vaughan Roberts

Enjoying God : Tim Chester

The Gospel comes with a House Key – Practising radically ordinary Hospitality in our Post-Christian World : Rosaria Butterfield

Authorized: The use and misuse of the King James Bible : Mark Ward

John Newton – From Disgrace to Amazing Grace : Jonathan Aitken

12 ways your phone is changing you : Tony Reinke

Embodied Hope : Kelly M. Kapic

Holiness by Grace : Bryan Chapell pages (1- 158)

The Christian’s Pocket Guide to Good Works and Rewards : Mark Jones

Seeking Allah Finding Jesus : Nabeel Qureshi

God is: A Devotional Guide to the Attributes of God : Mark Jones

Devoted to God (Chapters 7 to 10) : Sinclair B. Ferguson

Christ our Life : Michael Reeves

Devoted To God : Sinclair B. Ferguson

Raiding the Lost Ark : Jonty Rhodes

Listen up! A practical guide to listening to sermons : Christopher Ash

On the Block: Developing a Biblical Picture for Missional Engagement : Doug Logan

Making sense of God : Tim Keller

Why the Reformation Still Matters : Michael Reeves & Tim Chester

Honest Evangelism: How to talk about Jesus even when it’s tough : Rico Tice and Carl Laferton

Redemption Accomplished and Applied : John Murray

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament : Alec Motyer

John Calvin : W. Robert Godfrey

Side by Side – Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love : Ed Welch

Respectable Sins : Jerry Bridges

What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality : Kevin De Young

The Gospel : Ray Ortlund

God Dwells Among Us : G. K. Beale and Mitchell Kim

The Marriage Files : Patricia Morgan

Dispatches from the Front : Tim Keesee

The King Has Come : James Montgomery Boice

What’s Best Next : Matt Perman

Taking God at His Word : Kevin DeYoung

The Good News we Almost Forgot : Kevin DeYoung

Rhythms of Grace : Mike Cosper

Putting the Amazing Back into Grace : Michael Horton

Children of the Living God : Sinclair Ferguson

Tactics : Gregory Koukl

The Meaning of Marriage : Tim Keller

The God who is there (Finding your place in God’s story) : Don Carson

The Hiding Place : Corrie Ten Boom

Out of the Saltshaker : Rebecca Manley Pippert

Bonhoeffer, Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy : Eric Metaxas

Christless Christianity : Michael Horton

Every Good Endeavour : Timothy Keller

Pure Joy – Rediscover Your Conscience : Christopher Ash

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert : Rosaria Champagne Butterfield

The God I Don’t Understand : Chris Wright

The Intolerance of Tolerance : D A Carson

Three Free Sins : Steve Brown

Just do Something : Kevin DeYoung

The Wages of Spin : Carl Trueman

Out of Babylon : Walter Brueggemann

The Pastor : Eugene H. Peterson

God at Work : Gene Edwards Veith

The Grace Outpouring : Roy Goodwin and Dave Roberts

The Life of Jayber Crow : Wendell Berry

Life Together : Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Virtue Reborn : Tom Wright

Heaven is not my Home : Paul Marshall

Generous Justice : Tim Keller

Letters to a Diminished Church : Dorothy Sayers

Doing God’s Business : Paul Stevens

Is Christianity Good for the World? : Doug Wilson v. Christopher Hitchens

Love in Hard Places : D. A. Carson

The Radical Reformission : Mark Driscoll

A Scandalous Freedom : Steve Brown

Finally Alive : John Piper

The Shack : William P Young

5 Things I wish they’d told me when I became a Christian : Rob Frost

Total Church : Tim Chester & Steve Timmis

Dynamics of Spiritual Life : Richard Lovelace

Wilberforce : John Pollock

Remarriage after Divorce in today’s Church : various

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire : Jim Cymbala

When People are Big and God is Small : Ed Welch

Savage Shepherds : Adam Harbinson

Is God Really in Control? : Jerry Bridges

Simply Christian : Tom Wright

The Irish Puritans & the Reformation of the Church : James Ussher

God and His People : James Garlow

Humility : C J Mahaney

Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands : Paul Tripp

The Discipline of Grace : Jerry Bridges

What’s so Amazing about Grace? : Philip Yancey

Knowing God : J I Packer

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