Review of “Resilient Disciples – Rick Hill”


Deep Roots of Resilient Disciples PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES FOR A LIFE OF LASTING FAITH                        Author: – Rick Hill

The Author Rick Hill works for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland in the areas of discipleship and leadership.

The back cover of the book summarises what the book seeks to address: –

“In the shifting sands of the West, Christianity is no longer a dominant worldview or an accepted norm.  Twenty first century Christians find themselves pushed to the edges of contemporary culture, exiled in a strange land.

This sifting has led to some choosing comfort and compromise as their response laying down their cross for an easier ride.  Others unconsciously replace or abandon lifelong spiritual patterns in a way that causes root systems to weaken and faith to crumble.  Yet there continue to be those who respond to Jesus’ call, embrace the call of discipleship, commit to Christian community and endure challenges that come their way.  They face the erosion of Cultural Christianity not with clinched fists but open hands – resilient disciples who develop a long-haul faith by building below the surface on a firm foundation.  

Deep Roots of Resilient Disciples offers a roadmap for this kind of intentional discipleship life

In eleven easy read chapters, devoid of any theological technical terms the author effectively highlights the challenges faced by those seeking/called by Christ and those serving Christ.  The book is easy to read; and is an interesting and practical handbook. It includes many practical examples to illustrate the issues raised and the reality of the culture in which we work live and have our being.  It is easy to identify with (in general terms) the examples given and their outworking both positive and negative.

However, the book does not just highlight problems and issues but provides solutions.  The problem many will find with the solutions is that they require discipline and time to implement. To walk with the Lord after effectual calling and justification there needs to be sanctification.  Sanctification in a simplistic form is a progressive spiritual growth.  Many in today’s world have an attitude of “saved and satisfied” and where there is no spiritual growth it is likely there never was any true salvation.

The bad news for any who are considering reading this book is that it is not a handbook advising how to minimise your dependence on the means of grace (i.e.,Sunday worship with Gods people, Bible reading and study, Prayer, and the Sacraments).  It is not a handbook of spiritual shortcuts (they do not exist) but of solid Christian principles and practices.  

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