Review of “Faithful Leaders (and the things that matter most) – Rico Tice”

Review of “Faithful Leaders (and the things that matter most) – Rico Tice”

Review of Faithful Leaders author of book Rico Tice

Faithful Leaders (and the things that matter most) focuses on two of the most crucial dimensions of leadership: character and godliness.  Those who have met Rico or heard him preach will know that he is passionate about Christ and direct in his speech.  The book is both easy and interesting to read as it deals with content which is familiar to most church attenders. Don’t think the role of Leader in the book context simply applies to the Minister; it applies to all leaders at all levels of Church and secular life.

Comments made are

so many of our problems in church life can be traced to defective leadership”;

effective leadership is not all about giftedness and ability but about holiness”;

the key to a leader’s public usefulness is his inner, unseen life, character is what we are when no one is looking”.

The features of godly character are listed as are the marks of success. In the chapter “fighting your sin” the practicalities of the fight are given not just the theory.  Prayer for the fight is important but it also requiresaction. Examples are given of specific sins and their infectious characteristics.  Some of these examples are based on the authors personal experience in Christian Ministry where fellow Christian leaders have ignored Biblical teaching and the impact this has had on the person faithful to Biblical teaching.

Do you realise if you cannot lead yourself, it is unlikely you will be able to lead others?  As a leader do you have a spirit of resentment or thanksgiving or a combination of both?  How do you deal with resentment?  Do you give thankfulness to God and others in your daily life?  Where are you vulnerable to sin and what actions have you taken to prevent these sins in your life?  What are the practicalities and realities of your work life and how do you manage or cope with these?  Does the leader have a Pastor?  Why does a leader need someone to be accountable to?

Why do people serve in a church?  Is it for fame and recognition?  Is it for power, fame and a sense of achievement?  Is any of the service done for self-sacrifice and to honour and glorify God?  Is there a difference as to how Church leaders conduct their roles as opposed to those non-Christians in secular positions of authority?

In this review many questions and issues have been raised, however if you read the book carefully you will find all these matters thoughtfully and biblicallyaddressed, not just in a historical context but providing the context in todays culture and sinful society.  Rico raises the questions most don’t want to talk about or confront and goes onto provide the answers most don’t want to hear or apply.

September 2021

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