Review of “Brave by Faith – Alistair Begg”

Review of Brave by Faith by Alistair Begg

The first comment to be made after reading this delightful little book is that it is a book anyone can read – “an every person book”.  The content in not complicated or difficult to follow.

Alistair Begg opens up the book of Daniel chapters 1 to 7 to encourage believers to live an excellent Christian life in the society in which God has placed us. The first 7 chapters of Daniel has been read and seen by many as an adventure story and has captured the imagination of readers down through the centuries.

This book consists of 7 Chapters excluding the Introduction and Epilogue.  Each chapter in the book provides a simple and clear outline of the theme and message in the equivalent chapter of the book of Daniel.

The author skilfully and in plain language outlines what happened to four exiles who had been taken from the land of Judah and brought to Babylon.  Each of these four exiles were young men when they were taken from their homeland to a foreign country.  Despite being in a different country, they held fast to their faith regardless of opposition and trials.  Their God was with them and kept them.

As the Author outlines the Biblical story, he skilfully applies the story to the situation in the society in which we all live and clearly shows how the Biblical story should be applied to our current situation.

Brave by Faith is certain to challenge and encourage Christians of every age and at every stage of life (young and old).  A timely book for the times in which we live and a reminder that any difficulties we have are not unique to our generation, others have walked where we are now walking.

A book well worth reading as it will challenge and encourage you, letting you see how big God is!

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