Review of “Show me your Glory (Ch 1-10) – Steven J Lawson”

Review of “Show me your Glory (Ch 1-10) – Steven J Lawson”

Review of “Show Me Your Glory”
– author of book Steven J. Lawson

Dr Steven J. Lawson is a Ligonier Ministries teaching fellow. When the Covid 19 epidemic became recognised in the West circa March 2020, Ligonier made available several free video resources of a series of lecturers given by their staff. One such resources was a series of 20 lectures on “The Attributes of God”. It is not known if this book (published in 2020) preceded these lecturers or is a result of these lectures; suffice to say the books contents and chapter division is the same as the lectures.

The question arises as to what is an “attribute”? A definition is “a quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something”. If we think of ourselves some of our attributes may be tall, small, overweight, wise, foolish, skilful, clever, athletic etc, etc.

We live in a world where “Jack is portrayed as, as good as his master” and as the late Martyn Lloyd Jones has stated “we see ourselves as being on good terms with God”. In Western society we have a view of God as being very similar to ourselves, a God of Love who has a duty to overlook our shortcomings (the word sin is rarely used in today’s polite society and such a word that is almost certainly politically incorrect). However, the reality is very different. We are sinners and God is perfect or without sin.

The contents of this Book will help readers to recover their “awe” as to how great God really is. Never think that the gap between sinful man and a perfect God is narrow. Each Chapter elucidates an attribute of God and while the reading group were only tasked with reading the first 10 chapters, the book contains 20 chapters each listing an “Attribute of God”. All the chapters are worth reading.

This book will be useful for taking out and re reading on a regular basis to remind the reader of how awesome God is and how limited and sinful we are.

November 2021

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