Adult Ministries


Adult Bible Class meets every Sunday from 10.15am in the Committee Room.

It is a time where believers can come together to think and reflect on what the Bible teaches us. With others who follow Jesus, there is space to chat about how God’s word applies directly to our day-to-day lives in Portadown, and how it shapes our view of an ever-changing world.

Everybody is welcome – regardless of age, knowledge or background – and we would love for you to join us. If you would like to know more, contact William Ruddell.


The LUNCHEON CLUB meets on the last Thursday of the months September through to April (excluding December) at 1:15pm in the Main Hall with entrance from Watson Street. The objective is to provide a hot three course lunch at an economical price (£3.50) to all who value having a meal made for them occasionally and especially (but certainly not solely) to the many who cook alone and eat alone.

The lunch is followed by the FELLOWSHIP MEETING again in the Main Hall from 2:30pm to around 3:20pm. Once again this is open to everyone and there is no obligation on anyone to attend both.

The Annual Outing takes place on the last Thursday in May.

There is also a Christmas Dinner for Senior Citizens generally on the second Friday in December at 6:30pm.
Click here to view photos from the December 2012 Christmas Dinner.

Aims & Objectives

The objective is that through a varied programme spiritual fellowship within our congregation and community is enriched and there is an opportunity for Gospel Outreach. For details of this year’s programme please see details below.

Quick Info

  • When: last Thursday of the month. (Luncheon Club 1.15pm, Meeting 2.30pm – 3.20pm)
  • Where: Church hall (entrance via Watson Street)
  • Who: Everyone


In a Church our size, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd or feel a bit detached. Home Groups are a great way to build deep, meaningful relationships with other broken sinners who know of their need for Jesus. We want you to experience Church as the family that God has designed it to be – which is more than just meeting on a Sunday. He has called us to be a community that is continually growing in love and likeness of Jesus Christ, revealed through a simple, powerful, living Gospel.

Home Groups are open to believers of all ages and experiences. If you would like to find out more or join a group, contact Kirsty-Lee in the office or Hazel Neale.


Midweek meets every Wednesday from 8.00pm to 9.15pm in the Lecture Hall.

Every week, we open God’s word and learn from what it has to teach us. In our study, we dig deep into the passage, unearthing and applying the deep, rich truths that are contained within the Bible. There is time to ask questions about what we have studied and chat about this with other believers. Midweek typically focuses on a series, or guest speakers will come and give topical, relevant lessons on a wide range of topics – from ‘How can we trust the Bible?’ to stories from the Mission field.


The reading group meets once every month, discussing the latest Christian books which deal with topics that are relevant to the world we live in, or help us understand God’s Word in new ways. It is a place for anybody with more questions than answers, for encouragement, and for learning from other believers.

Click here if you would like to find out more about what we read or how to get involved. We would love for you to join us


We are a group of about 15 people who meet for Bible study and times of prayer. Occassionally we have visiting speakers to promote Missions and to encourage members. Our meetings are not run strictly on CE lines.

New members always welcome!

Quick info

  • When: 1st & 3rd Monday of each Month, at 8:00pm
  • Where: Session / Committee Room

Organisation Aims

  • To encourage members to support the church and its organisations.
  • To get members involved in the work of the church.
  • To pray for each other.
  • To support our missionaries.


John Ruddock / Rosemary Crozier

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