Tribute to the Very Rev. Dr. W. M. Craig (including recording of Tribute and Sermon from Funeral Service on Tuesday 14th February 2017)

As a church family we give thanks to God for the life and work of Dr. W. M. Craig.

Many of us here in 1st Portadown gratefully acknowledge the impact that his ministry had on our individual lives. As a congregation, we are aware that having this holy and gracious man walk among us truly was a gift from God. The example that he and his family set in times of joy and of great sadness was an inspiration to all.

Dr. Craig was blessed with unique gifts of intellect and personality. The manner in which he served the Lord here as minister for 35 years and then in retirement as minister emeritus was quite exceptional. His preaching was powerful and effective, and the means by which many came to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and then grow in faith and Christlikeness. His pastoral work among the congregation was outstanding, and there are countless stories of his visitation in homes where he humbly knelt to pray and intercede for those under his care.

Dr. Craig’s influence within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland was hugely significant.
He stood courageously as a clear evangelical witness at a time when it was not always a popular position to hold, even within our own denomination. Many ministers, elders, and Christian workers, within and outside Presbyterianism, were helped and encouraged by his faithful ministry and wise spiritual leadership. His service to PCI as Moderator is remembered by its being faithful to the Gospel and that of a true Christian gentleman.

Dr. Craig’s lifelong desire was to see people receive Christ Jesus as Saviour and Lord, to be strengthened in their faith through obedience to His Word and the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, and to live thankful lives to the glory of God. As we look around God’s people within our congregation we cannot fail to see the manner in which God used His servant to this end. We pray that we will continue to know the Lord’s blessing and transforming power in this place which he so loved.

Recording of Tribute and Sermon from Funeral Service on Tuesday 14th February 2017

Tribute by the very Rev Dr D.H. Allen:

Sermon by the very Rev Dr David McGaughey:

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