Our weekly programmes will have a more festive feeling over the coming weeks, with Christmas parties and special events in the run up to December 25th. Whether you worship with us every week or have never been to church before, we would love you to join us at some point over the Christmas season 🎄

• CE Feast (ticketed event) – Saturday 16th December, 8pm 🍗

• Carol Service – Sunday 17th December, 6:30pm 🎺🎻

• PW Christmas Special – Tuesday 19th December, 8pm 💒

• Eden Girls Festive Fundraiser – Friday 22nd December, 6:30pm 🍪

• CE Carol Service – Saturday 23rd December, 8pm 🎸🥁

• Family Nativity Service – Sunday 24th December, 11am 🌟

• Christmas Eve Service – Sunday 24th December, 6:30pm 🎶

• Christmas Day Service – Monday 25th December, 10:30am⛪️

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