Timeline of events

Date Event Minister
1822 First church built Rev. Alexander Heron
Resigned went to Ballyroney.
Died November 1865
1822 – 1826
1827 Rev. W.T.G. Dowling
Died age 38. Buried beside the old church
1838 Rev. Alexander Kerr
Went to India as first Presbyterian Missionary. Died 16.8.1841
1841 Rev. Leonard D. Elliott
Unmarried, resigned 1875. Died 1881.
1855 Manse built
1858 Second church built
1875 Gallery added Rev. Robert Vint
Resigned 1880. Installed Southhampton.  Died 1885
1881 Rev. W. J. Macauley
Moderator 1913/14. Resigned due to ill-health. Died Sept 1916
1890 Transepts added
1917 Rev. John Heney
Ministry covered both World Wars. Resigned due to failing sight.  Died 17.3.1953
1920 Vestibule added
Scouts formed, later Boys’ Brigade and Girl Guides.
1929-1930 Halls, kitchen, Ministers room and toilets added
1944 Rev. Gordon Young
Resigned in response to a call from Adelaide Rd Church, Dublin.
1948 Rev. William Craig
Our Senior Minister. Longest serving.  Moderator 1979/80
1972 Kerr and Bryson Halls added
1984 Rev. Desmond Knowles
Resigned in response to a call from Grange Presbyterian Church in the Ballymena Presbytery.
1997 New hall, rooms, kitchen and toilets
2003 Church Pipe Organ re-built by Wells Kennedy Partnership and dedicated on 15th June 2003 by the Moderator of the General Assembly – Rev Dr I A McKay
2005 Rev. J Stafford Carson installed on Friday 3rd June 2005-2013
 2009 Rev Alastair Dunlop inducted as Assistant Minister on Wednesday 1st April  2009-2010
 2009 Rev J Stafford Carson installed as Moderator of General Assembly for 2009/2010  on 1st June
 2010 Rev Alastair Dunlop inducted as Associate Minister on 28th November 2010.  2010-2013
 2013 Rev Alastair Dunlop resigned in response to call from Malahide & Howth, Dublin  May 2013
Rev. J Stafford Carson resigned in response to appointment as Principal of Union Theological College, Belfast and Professor of Ministry  Aug 2013
 Congregation declared vacant Rev Peter Gamble BA, Minister of The Mall Presbyterian Church, Armagh appointed as Vacancy Convenor and Dr Martyn Cowan appointed as Assistant to Vacancy Convenor  1st Sept 2013
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