Roy & Ruth Harrison – CEF, Kilchzimmer

CEF Area Directors North West Europe

Roy and Ruth Harrison were born and grew up in Northern Ireland. They became active in Child Evangelism Fellowship in Ireland, teaching in Good News Clubs and open-air meetings. While attending the European Bible Institute, 1963-1966, the Lord confirmed to them His call to bring the Gospel to the children of Europe.

They served as missionaries in France for 7 years and began the work of CEF in Lyons, involving local churches and Christians. From 1974 until 1993 they served as literature coordinators and assistant directors for Europe at the European CEF Centre in Switzerland.

They have four children and nine grandchildren.

Since July 1, 1993 Roy and Ruth have been serving as European CEF Regional Directors; there are 560 full-time workers in 49 European countries. They travel extensively throughout Europe and meet with the CEF workers to give direction and help. As well as the administration of the work, they have opportunities to present the challenge of reaching children for Christ in churches and conferences. Roy also teaches at the Leadership Training Institutes held at Kilchzimmer and in several other countries.

Roy and Ruth Harrison’s retirement was marked by the presentation of a portrait that includes children from all the regions of Europe:


Roy and Ruth Harrison Missions Report

Child Evangelism Fellowship has a worldwide ministry in over 150 countries.  CEF is a Bible centred, worldwide, faith organisation composed of born again believers.  It’s purpose is to evangelise boys and girls, disciple them in the Word of God and establish them in the local church.

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