Rosie Sleator – INF, Nepal

Rosie has recently returned from working as a Speech Therapist in Nepal for the past 8 years with INF.

INF are a Christian mission called by God to serve Nepali people. They are involved in health and development work with Nepal’s government, non-government organisations and local communities. The work is an expression of Christian compassion and evidence of God’s grace.

The members are called by God to belong to, be committed to and serve Nepali churches.  They believe God the Father, in accordance with the Great Commission of His Son Jesus Christ, has entrusted to INF part of His mission to Nepali people to be accomplished through the power of His Holy Spirit.

What INF do:
Their district-based, integrated programmes include: hospital and rehabilitation services for people with disabilities; health and development programmes with marginalised communities; medical camps; assistance for organisations working for people with disabilities; HIV/AIDS education, testing, counselling and care; work among displaced people; and TB and leprosy clinics. INF second personnel into government institutions and other organisations to provide health services training. They also encourage Nepali churches, and work among the Nepali diaspora.

Link: INF

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