Robert and Kyla Cuthbert – Ambassadors Football, Senegal

Robert and Kyla Cuthbert
Jacob (5th June 2011), Manuela (25th November 2012), Daniel (12th April 2017), Micah (22 November 2019)

Role and Ministry

Robert – Area Director for Ambassadors Football – oversees the work and development of AF ministries in Senegal and Congo.
Kyla – Full time mum to Jacob, Manuela, Daniel and Micah. Learning French 3 mornings a week.


Dakar, Senegal


Prayer Letters

AF Africa Newsletters

For more information, contact: [email protected]

Cycle for Hope

The Cycle for Hope started in Tangiers, Morrocco on the 7th December 2009. The cycle covered the length of Africa, over 15,000km and through 17 different countries to arrive in Cape Town, South Africa on the 9th June 2010.

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