Robert and Kyla Cuthbert – Ambassadors Football, Africa Regional Director

Ambassadors Football, Africa


Ambassadors Football exists to “bring hope through football”

Robert and Kyla Cuthbert are now in Africa.

Ambassadors Football, Congo Newsletters and Prayer Letters

What Robert Cuthbert was previously involved with

Ambassadors in Sport, Ireland

Ambassadors in Sport exists to “bring hope through football”

Football is the world’s most popular sport. Played and watched by many millions around the world, it’s a sport that cuts across racial, cultural and social barriers.

Around the world we are discovering that football opens many doors and opportunities to build relationships through which we are able to share our faith.

We’re passionate about football and that same passion enables us to connect with people from any culture or race. Our shared love of the beautiful game opens up opportunities to bring hope through football.

With offices on every continent, we are discovering more and more that God can use something as simple as a leather ball to bring His hope to many unreached around the world.

Our desire is to see churches take this vision on and develop football ministry to impact their communities.

International football tours give players/coaches and support staff an insight into overseas mission.

In Prisons we find that the respect we gain through playing football enables us to share openly with inmates.

Our soccer schools and camps give young players a chance to learn the game in an environment where they are encouraged to not only develop as players but to grow in their faith.

There is huge potential to impact our communities through football. Since 2003 I have been involved in setting up the Ireland Office and we now have 3 staff and 5 interns working in the office in Portadown. It has been amazing to see God bless the work and to see so many who have come on board and who want to get involved.

Schools Work, Prison Ministry, Ambassadors FC, International Tours, Soccer Schools and Camps are all ways that we use to build relationships with our communities through which we can share the message of Jesus Christ.

For more information, contact: [email protected]

Cycle for Hope

The Cycle for Hope started in Tangiers, Morrocco on the 7th December 2009. The cycle covered the length of Africa, over 15,000km and through 17 different countries to arrive in Cape Town, South Africa on the 9th June 2010.

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