Jonathan & Nicola McCracken – ECM, Ireland



Field Leaders for Ireland / Church Planting in Claremorris.


European Christian Mission (ECM). Joined in 1996.


Claremorris, Co. Mayo.

Job Description

  • Develop Field strategy in line with ECM Church Planting objectives
  • Provide pastoral care to all members of the Field
  • Identify ministries for which personnel are needed and direct the placement of available personnel
  • Co-ordinate Prayer Days, attend and contribute to Biennial/Promotional Conferences, represent Ireland on the Field Ministry Team and attend leadership training conferences
  • Ensure sound financial procedures and records for ECM International are maintained
  • Develop links with national churches and other like-minded organisations
  • Lead and develop the Claremorris church-planting project in partnership with Calvary Mission (Mayo)


Jonathan & Nicola have two children, David and Sarah (Birthdays – 2/11/99, 1/6/02).

They studied at Belfast Bible College.

Jonathan & Nicola are Field Leaders in Ireland for ECM and have been since March 2007. Jonathan was the Pastor of Tramore Bible Church ( Tramore town is 6 miles from neighbouring Waterford City.

In ECM, “Our purpose is to glorify God by the planting and developing of churches which evangelise and disciple the peoples of Europe.” We are an international and interdenominational organisation comprising evangelical Christians called by God and commissioned by local churches to serve in partnership in the evangelisation of the peoples of Europe.

Currently, ECM works in 16 countries with 2 more in the process of being opened up. Around two hundred people serve with the Mission including personnel on the Field and in our Home / International Sections.

Prayer Letters & Magazines

Claremorris Church Plant


Link: ECM International

Contact Details

Address – 19 Rushbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, ROI. Email – [email protected]

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