Jonathan & Nicola McCracken – ECM, Ireland


Jonathan & Nicola
David and Sarah (Birthdays – 2/11/99, 1/6/02).

Role and Ministry

Field Leaders for Ireland / Church Planting in Claremorris.

  • Develop Field strategy in line with ECM Church Planting objectives
  • Provide pastoral care to all members of the Field
  • Identify ministries for which personnel are needed and direct the placement of available personnel
  • Co-ordinate Prayer Days, attend and contribute to Biennial/Promotional Conferences, represent Ireland on the Field Ministry Team and attend leadership training conferences
  • Ensure sound financial procedures and records for ECM International are maintained
  • Develop links with national churches and other like-minded organisations
  • Lead and develop the Claremorris church-planting project in partnership with Calvary Mission (Mayo)


European Christian Mission (ECM)


Claremorris, Co. Mayo.

Prayer Letters & Magazines

Claremorris Church Plant


Contact Details

Address – 19 Rushbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, ROI. Email – [email protected]

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