Jayne Cuthbert – MEDAIR, Northern Uganda

Jayne joined MEDAIR in 2004.  She is a Staff Nurse with a Disaster Relief Qualification.

Founded in 1988, Medair is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) independent of any political, economic, social or religious authority.  Its international headquarters are based in Switzerland.  Its mission is exclusively humanitarian and it accomplishes its work in a spirit of dedication and solidarity, inspired by its Christian values.  It does not proselytise.

Medair’s objectives are to respond to suffering victims in war and disaster situations (especially those which have been forgotten or neglected) through various kinds of emergency and rehabilitative projects.

Medair employs 50 people in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Holland.  In the field, 120 full-time expatriates help populations in difficulty, with the support of 1600 local employees.

The organisation has obtained the ISO 9001 certification at worldwide level for its quality management system.


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