Every Sunday Morning from 10:00am - 12:00pm.

YF – AM meets every Sunday Morning at 10am in the Youth Room and is for Y8 – University.

Every week, a guest speaker will share with us from the Bible before we split into groups and chat about what this means; a great chance to dig deeper in to the passage and learn with your friends, thinking of how it applies to your life.

And of course, it wouldn’t be YF-AM with a plethora of goodies, coffee and games, but our main goal will always be to grow in love and knowledge of Jesus and what he has done for us.


Every Other Sunday Evening from 7:45pm - 9:30pm

YF – PM is for anybody from Y8 – Y14.

YF is a relaxed and welcoming place that seeks  to encourage and equip young adults in Edenderry to live out their faith. We do this by studying a series which is either topical or from a book of the Bible. and together, see how the Bible is applicable to all people from all areas of life. Throughout the year we go on trips such as Ice-Skating, to Ulster Rugby and our YF Weekend. A night at YF would not be complete without a sugar-filled and coffee-fueled supper along with some games and a time to catch up at the start of a new week.

Come and join us as we open God’s word together and learn more about His love showed to us by Jesus.

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