YF – AM meets every Sunday at 10am in the Youth Room for Year 8 – University.

Every week a guest speaker will share with us from the Bible before we split in to groups and chat about what this means; a great chance to dig deeper and learn from God’s word with your friends and think about how it applies to our lives.

It wouldn’t be YBC without a plethora of goodies, coffee and games, but our main goal is to grow in love with Jesus and get to know more of who He is.


YF – PM meets every other Sunday after the evening service; it is an opportunity for young people aged 11-18 to come and fellowship together, learn more about God’s word and grow into the young men and women of faith that God has called them to be.

Our theme in YF this year is “Are You Ready,” which follows last year’s theme; “Letting God Shape Your Life For How He Wants To Use You.” We will be aiming to look at different areas of our lives that we need to be ready for if we are Christians & want to grow in our identity as God’s children. We will be looking at aspects such as relationship, reputation, repentance, rejoicing, as well as looking at fundamental truths that shape our faith – the resurrection of Jesus, the reliability of scripture and other areas that are essential parts of our Christian faith.

We spend evenings at peoples’ houses enjoying fellowship with other members of the congregation who invite us for supper. On occasion, we take trips with YF (Ulster Rugby, Ice Skating, Crazy-Golf), which allow us to build friendships and relationships with the Young People in our congregation on a more informal level. We, as the leadership of YF, would appreciate your prayerful support as we seek to minister into the lives of the Young People, aim to contribute to their spiritual development & ultimately for them all to put their trust in Jesus.

The YF Team
Chris, Sandy, Alexandra & Hayley

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