Women’s Prayer Groups

Every week over 100 praying women of all ages meet together in around 20 different prayer groups.  The groups meet in each others homes at various times of the day and evening with the exception of a group of teenage girls who meet together to pray before CE on Saturday evening.

We are ordinary women touching the throne of an extraordinary God – what a privilege.  We believe our prayers are changing lives and situations in our church family, our community and our world.

If you’d like to join us in this ‘powerful’ work of prayer, just get in touch with Sharon, Barbara or Kathleen by contacting the church office.

The Women’s Prayer Group ministry has brought together more than 100 women – young and a little older – who meet in 18 groups at various times in different homes. You could be a part of one of these effective teams.

Try to attend one or more of the prayer times throughout the week:

  • Sunday at 8.00am – begin the Lord’s Day with prayer
  • Sunday at 6.15pm – before the evening service
  • Wednesday at 7:30am – 8:00am – Men’s Prayer Group (outside crèche)
  • Wednesday at 7:15pm – before the Midweek Fellowship
  • Friday at 9.00pm – end the working week in prayer
  • PW nights at 7.00pm – pray before the meeting starts at 7:30pm
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