Prayer Meetings

No one will argue with the statement that the Bible believing Christian is in a conflict. Sadly many forget this and consequently have a mere casual approach to spiritual things and to living the Christian life. An evidence of this is the neglect of prayer.

Perhaps you are learning the difference between saying prayers, which is an activity, and praying, which is soul attitude, a “lifting up of the mind to God”. Praying in that sense can transform every task and make every minute of our waking lives count.

As a church we want to encourage you to pray more, both individually and corporately.

Try to attend one or more of the prayer times throughout the week:

  • Sunday at 8.00am – begin the Lord’s Day with prayer
  • Sunday at 5.45pm – before the evening service
  • Wednesday at 7.30am – 8.00am – Men’s Prayer Group (Session Room)
  • Wednesday at 7.30pm – before the Midweek Fellowship
  • Friday at 9.00pm – end the working week in prayer
  • PW nights at 7.30pm – pray before the meeting starts at 8:00pm

Women’s Prayer Groups

Every week over 100 praying women of all ages meet together in around 20 different prayer groups.  The groups meet in each others homes at various times of the day and evening with the exception of a group of teenage girls who meet together to pray before CE on Saturday evening. Read More …

Keep visiting this site for information as we seek to extend the commitment to prayer throughout every area of the church.

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