Night Light


A motley crew of ordinary believers – different ages, different backgrounds, different interests, different styles – who share a passion for Jesus Christ and for the people of Portadown.


Free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bickies, conversation and craic!


The UFO (Unidentified Flapping Object) next to the Church is the HQ – the centre of operations – for an outreach initiative from our Church into the public areas of the town.


Friday Nights – 10:30 pm till the wee small hours (around 2:30am).


To see a transformation in the heart of Portadown, which will have a positive impact on all people who live, work and visit here.


By trusting that God will use ordinary believers to communicate his love and grace to people in Portadown, that they might encounter for themselves the risen Jesus and experience the life-changing power of the gospel.

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