Girl Guides

Rainbows is the youngest section of Girlguides at Edenderry, for girls in years P1 - P3. It is a fun, friendly place for girls to have fun, play games, make crafts and learn about an amazing God who loves each and every one of them.

Brownies is for girls aged P4 - P6. Most evenings there are fun competitions, games and quizzes and a lesson from the Bible that the girls can think and talk about with their friends and the leaders.

Guides is for girls in P7 - Y10. Every week we have great games, fun activities - and of course, the odd trip away. As well as our chilled time, we come together to study the Bible and think a bit deeper about how it impacts our lives.

Life in Lockdown

Below is a little message from the Brownie leaders:

Hi brownies,

I hope you are all keeping well and surviving remote learning! Who ever thought that you would be excited at being able to go back to school?  I’m sure you are all missing friends and family, just like I am.  This is definitely a strange time, and one that we will probably never have again.  Sometimes I think we are not very good at making the most of the things that we have.  It’s not always easy, but try to think of some of the ways you could make these days “good days”.  You could leave a surprise parcel on your neighbour’s doorstep, or send a letter to a friend.  Home made treats are always good and I’ve included a link to make peppermint creams.  You can make these different colours if you have some food dye at home, and if you don’t have a shape cutter, just roll them into a ball and squash them flat.



I hope you have enjoyed some of the parcels that we have sent out.  I had lots of fun trying to make different origami animals and boxes.  We couldn’t get an advent calendar that we liked this year, so we made lots of origami boxes and put pieces of chocolate in them.   I also made you all an butterfly bookmark, but then I forgot to put them in your parcel, so I’ve sent you a link so you can make your own!



I hope you are all enjoying half term.  If we were at brownies now, we would probably have been making some valentines gifts or maybe pancakes.  I hope you’ve been doing some of these things anyway, even though we can’t meet.

We made pancakes today.  I like butter, sugar and lemon on mine, but somebody in my house likes to eat pancakes with Nutella, bacon and blueberries … yes, all at the same time!


I hope you enjoyed the book of devotions that we sent out to you.  There are lots of really good reminders in it about some things that are really important for us to remember, especially just now.

How brilliant is it to know that you are loved by a God who is totally in control of everything that happens, who wants the best for you and who loves you so much that He sent his son to die in your place?!  What a great reminder when we are feeling alone, or scared, or just think that nobody cares about us!  The bible is the best place to learn more about God, but there are some really good books to help us, especially when we can’t learn in the way we normally do, and if you want to know more about this, just drop us an email, and we’ll sort you out.


We’ve been trying to find a way to keep in touch with you while we can’t meet, and thought this webpage might help.  If you would like to send me some photos of the things you have been doing over the last while, we can put them on a gallery here for you to see – just make sure you check with a parent before you send anything 😊

You can email them to [email protected].


Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Brownie Leaders xx

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