Fellowship Groups

In a church our size, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Fellowship groups are a great way to help you get connected with other people in a more meaningful way. We want you to experience church as a family in which you are known and loved, not just as a meeting you attend on Sunday. God calls us to be a community that is shaped and driven by his mind-blowing grace in Jesus, and so our aim is to help each other apply the gospel to our lives.

What Fellowship Groups are Currently Studying

“How should I live my life?”

When it comes to the art of living, the book of Proverbs is the best place to start, because its wisdom is no less than God’s wisdom.

Fellowship groups will be studying the book of Proverbs using a booklet entitled “The Art of Living”.

What Fellowship Groups Previously Studied

Ruth: Poverty and Plenty by Tim Chester

A 4-week study on Ruth from the Good Book Company.

Encountering the God who works through the circumstances of life, and can turn our ‘poverty’ to ‘plenty’ through Jesus.

This woman from ancient times was no powerful princess – just a young, vulnerable widow, an impoverished outcast. The story records no famous events or places – just a struggling family facing hard times in a small, agricultural community occupied with their livelihoods and customs.

But the hidden hand of God is at work in the lives of these ordinary people, and wonderfully at work in history. God transforms hardship from bitterness to joy; God’s word liberates people to become a community filled with loving kindness towards outsiders; God’s people reach out to their enemies. And most significantly, God’s great plan, to send a promised saviour King to redeem people of all nations, is being worked out.

Like those in the story, we may be just ordinary people, unable to see how the events of our lives will turn out. But by encountering the God who works through the circumstances of life, we too can discover the God who can turn our ‘poverty’ to ‘plenty’ through Jesus Christ.

1. A hidden hand (Ruth 1-2)
2. A liberating word (Ruth 2)
3. A welcoming community (Ruth 2-3)
4. A faithful Redeemer (Ruth 4)

A typical fellowship group…

  • has between 6-12 people
  • is open to anyone interested
  • has one or two leaders
  • meets every other week throughout the term
  • normally meets in someone’s house, but could meet anywhere.
  • studies a book of the Bible (or maybe a Bible theme)
  • makes time for discussion
  • fosters prayer for each other
  • will not make you say or do anything
  • will encourage openness and honesty
  • needs time to develop relationships and trust
  • hopefully provides good coffee
  • will seek to offer practical help to its members, whatever the need
  • welcomes new people all the time
  • should divide when it gets too big
  • might participate in occasional service projects
  • might enjoy the odd social event instead of a regular meeting
  • is made up of sinners only, and is therefore frustrating at times!


For more information, or to become involved in a fellowship group, please contact the church office: [email protected]

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