Let’s Pray

Sunday 2 September – Saturday 8 September 2018

Welcome to the first edition of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s new weekly prayer resource, Let’s Pray.

General Prayer

Moderator – Rt Rev Dr Charles McMullen

This Sunday 2 September, the Moderator will be preaching at the morning services in Castlewellan Presbyterian Church and Leitrim Presbyterian Church. On Friday 7 September, he will attend a Flower Festival at Cladymore Presbyterian Church.

Pray for the Moderator as he preaches at the above morning services, and for wisdom and guidance in all he does.

Pray too that he will bring encouragement to all he meets, and that his theme for the year of ‘Building Relationships’ would resonate with individuals, congregations and throughout society.

Sunday – 2 September

Taking Care

Taking Care is the Child and Adult Safeguarding Programme for PCI. Its aim is to create and promote a safe environment for children, young people, adults, staff and leaders.

Pray for the safety of all children and young people as they start a new session of programmes and activities.

Pray for all adults who attend PCI congregations, who may be at risk of harm.

Pray for staff and volunteers as they prepare their programmes and plan for the year ahead.

Pray for all Designated Persons, Trainers and Staff as they support the Taking Care Programme.

Monday – 3 September

David and Pamela McCullagh – global mission workers in Malawi

David writes, “September is a busy time at Scripture Union of Malawi (SUM). Our staff are starting to plan for Bible clubs in the new academic year. The SUM Annual General Meeting will take place from 5 to 6 October and plans are starting to come together for that. At the start of September a team from SU Global will come to assess the development of our campsite at Kande.

Pray for SUM field staff as they work through this busy period.

Pray for the AGM and its items of business.

Pray for the global team as they come to consult on the campsite.

The Christian Presbyterian Church of Portugal

Pray that God would continue to lead and direct Rev Paulo Jorge (President) and his colleagues in all decisions they make as part of the church’s leadership team.

Give thanks for the diaspora of Brazilian Christians from Presbyterian churches arriving in Portugal and pray for their adaption and integration into the existing congregations and church plants of the Christian Presbyterian Church of Portugal.

Tuesday – 4 September

Sonya Anderson – deaconess in Shore Street, Donaghadee

Give thanks for all the opportunities over the summer to reach children and adults through various outreach activities. Pray for the contacts that have been made and for the relationships that have been built.

Pray for all the church activities beginning in September, especially for ‘Coffee with Kid’s’ and for fresh contacts to be made with parents in the community.

Pray for Alpha starting at the end of September and for people to be saved through it.

Pray that the congregation will build a genuine community that all will feel part of.

Aghada and Trinity Cork Presbyterian Churches – Rev Richie Cronin

Pray for revival in Cork, for an outbreaking of the Spirit of God amongst the general population leading to conversions.

Pray for reformation in the church: a deeper understanding of the gospel and the doctrines of grace amongst the two congregations.

Pray for repentance: the need of grace everyday for all Christians in Cork.

Wednesday – 5 September

James and Heather Cochrane – global mission workers in Portugal

Comunidade Pedras Vivas (CPV), the church plant in Senhora da Hora, Greater Porto, Portugal, hopes to receive its first members at the beginning of November. This Sunday, 9 September, CPV will begin the first of six membership preparation classes.

Pray for two Portuguese converts who will be baptised, and for three to four other Portuguese Christians who will be received as members.

Give thanks for the four to six Brazilian Christians who will also be received into membership and pray for their ongoing adaption to the Portuguese context.

Malawi – The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP)

Give thanks for the work and witness of PCI’s partners in the three CCAP Synods in Malawi – Blantyre, Livingstonia and Nkhoma.

Pray for wisdom and guidance for Synod General Secretaries – Rev Alex Maulana, Rev Levi Nyondo and Rev Vasco Kachipapa.

Pray especially for CCAP’s important contribution to education, healthcare and development throughout Malawi.

Thursday – 6 September

Andrew Dawson – community outreach worker in Second Dromara

Second Dromara is planning to have a more obvious emphasis on discipleship. Part of Andrew’s role will be to help the organisations make discipleship a distinct part of their DNA. Pray as all the leaders of the organisations get together on 30 September.

In November the congregation will begin fortnightly Sunday evening events in a local community hall. Pray for the plans for this.

Pray that the Lord would graciously stir the leaders and members of the congregation as they serve him in the organisations and one-to-one work. Pray that the Lord would bring to life those who are spiritually dead.

Alt Presbyterian Church – Rev Colin McKibben

Give thanks for the holiday Bible club, BBQ and community fun evening for the children. Pray that the seed planted in their hearts will grow and mature.

Pray for the appointment of a part-time youth worker.

Pray for the Bible Study and Youth Fellowship both due to restart in October.

Pray for Evelyn Boyd (Auxiliary Minister) and Colin as they start a new season.

Friday – 7 September

The Presbyterian Women’s FORUM meets on Saturday morning (8 September)

Pray for Claire Ebbinghaus, Ministries Facilitator in Kirkpatrick Presbyterian Church, as she encourages and inspires those attending about developing leadership in women’s ministry.

Thompson House, Belfast provides housing for 19 ex-prisoners

Pray for the residents who have just taken part in a Life Explored Bible study in the hostel, that they would take time to consider what they have just heard. Pray too for wisdom and resilience for staff who daily have to contend with difficult circumstances.

Rev Niall Lockart (Ballyhenry) was appointed as Convener of the Pastoral Care of Manse Families Panel by the General Assembly in June

Pray for Niall as he takes up this important role, that he will know God’s guidance and empowerment, and for the Panel as it meets on Tuesday coming (11 September).

A public consultation by the UK Government on how to address the legacy of Northern Ireland’s past closes next week

Pray that a way forward on addressing the legacy of the past will be found, and that the many victims and survivors of the Troubles will experience healing.

Saturday – 8 September

Rev Michael Anderson – chaplain in Musgrave Park Hosptial, Belfast

Michael writes, “We are still able to offer services of worship for patients every Sunday morning from 10am to 10.25am, facilitated by the different chaplains. This means that each chaplain (whether full time or part time) conducts services for four months of the year on a rotation basis. Each chaplain has a team of wheelers and someone to play music who are all volunteers from local congregations. I’m taking services for September. We will be looking at Psalm 23.

Give thanks to God for the volunteer wheelers and musicians.

Pray for more volunteers to help wheel patients, play music and lead services.

Pray that these services will continue to be a great blessing to those who come.

The Christian Church of Sumba, Indonesia

Give thanks that the church has experienced significant growth in recent decades.

Pray for Rev Alfred Samani (General Chairman), Rev Marlin Lomi (General Secretary) and Rev Charles Detha (Secretary, Department of Education and Training).

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