Congregational Committee

The Church Committee meet on the first Tuesday of each month except in July and August.  The meeting begins at 7:30pm sharp and prayer is offered by the minister or his deputy.  The average attendance is usually between 30-40 members which would include members of session who are ex-officio.  Minutes are kept of each meeting and are read at the commencement of each new meeting agreed and signed by the minister.  Business is transacted under an agreed agenda.  The meeting would usually last between 1.5 – 2 hours and members are invited to speak on the various topics under discussion.  At the conclusion of the business the meeting is brought to a close with the benediction.

Organisation Aims

  • Deal mainly with the upkeep of the church property which would include both the interior and exterior fabric of the church itself.  The upkeep of the Manse is equally important.
  • There are also various sub-committees which have their own particulart job of work and are answerable to the main committee:

    a) Property

    b) Finance

    c) Safety

    d) Equipment

    e) Transport

    f) Reception and Collectors

Quick Info

When: 1st Tuesday each month 7:30pm
Where: Session / Committee Room
Contact: Church Office (02838393773)


Rev Philip Thompson (Vacancy Convenor)
Mr Nigel Jameson (Treasurer)
Mr Nigel McClelland (Congregational Secretary)

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